• Routine appointments are seen between 9 am and 2 pm.

  • Clients should expect to spend from 1 to 2 hours at our facility for their appointment.

  • Please call us directly for referring emergency neurology cases and we will work to accommodate them in our day.

  • Please note that there are additional fees for after hours and "fit in" cases. 

  • Clients wishing to proceed with same day diagnostics should be aware that these cases are prioritized based on patient status and our case load.

  • Typically, "same day" surgery is reserved for the most urgent cases. 

If it is after 6 pm Sunday through Thursday and you have a non-ambulatory patient needing Neurology services please use this option to book an emergency appointment for the next day. This is for non-ambulatory patients only! 

This service is designed to assist our veterinary community by providing neurological insight and advice on cases that are not being managed by the VSCAN team. Click the button to learn more and to submit a request. *Fees apply.

**Referral for CT or MR imaging only. DOES NOT include a Neurologic Evaluation/Consultation.**